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The new leader

Jim Murphy probably has a helluva job ahead of him, assuming he actually wins the leadership of the Scottish Labour Party. Everytime I look at him though, I can’t help thinking he bears a passing resemblance to Reinhard Heydrich, leader of the SS internal security police, the SD, Protector of Bohemia and Moravia (aka the butcher of Prague) who was assassinated in 1943.

Jim Murphy


Reinhard Heydrich



In memoriam – John Peel

10 years? Sadly, yes.


Monopoly money

Well that’s tonight’s lottery ticket paid for!


Girl with the pierced eardrum

Some tw@t has vandalised Banksy’s latest piece of graffiti, the wittily entitled Girl with the pierced eardrum. What do you call it when illegal art is treated illegally?


DIY Regret?

I’m off work for a couple of days and was looking forward to a nice quiet lie in on Monday morning, but as usual it was not to be. The peace of a warm, sunny late October morning was spoilt by loud banging, hammering and grinding noises.

I looked out my window to see this.


The owner’s is there – trying to fix the garage door which had presumably became stuck.
45 minutes later, improvement was not evident.


The last bit of banging I heard, was his car door being slammed as he stormed off, presumably to call a garage door fitter.

Bill Posters

Did you know, they actually still make these!


Mauritshuis room


A room with two special ladies, although I suspect most people will not pay the lady above the door much attention.

She is Caesar Van Everdingen’s Bust of Venus, set as a trompe-l’oeil above the door, to appear as if there’s a real statue there.


UKIP Bigots

There’s news that a christian bigot is joining UKIP. He should feel right at home with their enlightened views, particularly on gay marriage. This cartoon is unlikely to help open his mind, but it’s probably an accurate interpretation of the underlying reasons for his position.