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Death List – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

An eternity of solitude beckons for Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


I’m now in my teens – 19 remain standing – or at least in wheel chairs…


What more can you want from a Sci-fi series? Evil aliens, humour and grammar!

G-Shock Combi-braclet

I have just taken delivery of a combi bracelet from Keith at TikTox for my G-Shock collection, down from about 6 to a mere two watches.

These are rather splendid bracelets which use a combination of resin and metal (hence the name) to provide a more comfortable and flexible option than the usually stiff and sometimes bulky, default plastic straps.

I had originally intended the bracelet to be worn on my newish GW-5000-1JF but it added too much bulk to the watch head for my tastes, especially compared to its standard rubber strap, which is rightly praised for its softness and flexibility, in contrast to just about all other standard G-shock straps.

However I had a back-up plan which was to try it on my old GW-6900. Wow, it was like strapping on a new watch. The bracelet has a lower profile than the vents on the stock strap and it’s incredibly comfortable. With four micro-adjustment points on the clasp and using standard (if smallish) spring-bars in place of screws or pins, it’s easy to add or remove links to ensure a perfect fit. Take care though, the spring-bars are very powerful and if you’re not careful, they will (and did) ping across the room.

Even though the bracelet costs a high percentage of the cost of the watch, £54 as opposed to £80 at the time of writing, it’s a perfect partnership.


Land, Sea & Sky

My three favourite modes of transport, purely on aesthetic grounds through each medium.

Land: E-Type Jaguar


Sea: Riva motor launch


Sky: Supermarine Spitfire




I’ve taken delivery of this striking print from Ron Krajewski who paints pet portraits. “Wolfgang” is proudly guarding my computer room at home.


Maria Miller

Well at long last the pressure of public outrage has taken it’s toll, and another lying, oblivious, avaricious politician has been forced to sacrifice her career. There are still some questions to be answered though.


What took her so long?

Is there going to be a thorough and detailed  investigation into how much she defrauded the taxpayer? And I don’t mean by the House of Commons authorities or the Parliamentary Commissioners.

Why did the Committee on Standards (try not to laugh too much) disregarded the Parliamentary Commissioners’ recommendations after 14 months of detailed  investigation?

Why do MPs simply not understand that there cannot be one standard for them and one for the rest of us?

Are they not concerned or aware that the disconnect between politicians and public arises precisely because of corrupt behaviour like this and the contempt with which they appear to hold the electorate?

When will she pay back the full amount she was judged to have obtained dishonestly – some  £45,000?

Will Parliament ever set up a transparent expenses system? Personally, I’d suggest paying them £100K a year and say that’s it. Sort yourselves out for that and you get no more.

Finally, I wonder when she will return, given that Cameron has already said he; “Hopes she can make a return to Government in due course.” Great – his standards are clear to all.

More Daxis!

A few more dachshunds for everyone’s joy.

Give me 5!


Where am I going?



Definition of Christ-inanity:

A belief that a Jewish zombie, who is his own father, can make you live forever, if you cannibalistically eat his flesh and drink his blood, while telepathically telling him you are his eternal slave, whereby he removes an “evil” stain from your life force which is present in all humanity because a woman made from one rib bone and some earth was tricked into eating some fruit from a magical tree by a talking snake.